Author Caleb Mannan's 4th novel, BUST IT LIKE A MULE,  received rave rejection letters from literary agents all over the United Sates, prompting him to publish it on his own, with his wife doing all the hard work. In real life, he plays second fiddle to his famous wife and father to four infamous children.  He currently resides in Spokane, Washington with his family, where he is just a few hours’ drive from Glacier National Park, The Land Where The World Began. His recent projects include American Slang, a verse chapbook, and a soon to be released collection of short stories. His dramatic reading of his new American Folktale, Bust It Like A Mule, was featured on Spokane Public Radio's The Bookshelf in August 2016. You can catch the live show of Bust It in the Spokane area - visit The Horse's Mouth for updated scheduling.