Musical Guest Post- John Cowan

One of my biggest artistic advocates for the last 8 years has been my step father in law, soulsinger/bassist John Cowan. He's read everything I've thrown and him and asked for more. He's been known to call me after reading my novel to ask me a series of probing questions. John has been one of Bust It Like A Mule's biggest fans, so when I asked him a couple of years ago if he would lend a song to the project, he said sure, and something about Wayfaring Stranger, which would fit nicely with Cotton's wandering spirit. I had no idea he was talking about Wayfaring Stranger by the bluegrass guitar god Tony Rice, and produced by the one and only John Carter Cash. I imagine this is what it sounds like in Heaven as we sit around the great bonfire of life with our loved ones.

"When you die there aint no angels with harps just angels with real pretty voices that sing and sing prettier than a daddy's high Okie voice in the Oklahoma hills and there are no mean strings in em."( Bust It Like A Mule pg 247)