Bust It Like A Mule on Spokane Public Radio!

KPBX's Station Manager/Bust It Bookshelf producer Vern Wyndham.

KPBX's Station Manager/Bust It Bookshelf producer Vern Wyndham.

I am very proud n honored to announce that Bust It Like A Mule will be read in its entirety by yours truly in the way God intended it ( jacked up southern fried West Coast) on Spokane's premier local Public Radio Station, KPBX, beginning Monday, August 22nd. Yeah, like this coming Monday... It was truly a labor of love and consternation, and I appreciate everyone involved. Thanks to KPBX Station Manager and Producer Verne Wyndham for his affable demeanor in the midst of my wild ramblings. I had a blast sitting with him in the new firehouse studio and getting to the know The Voice Of Spokane. Thanks to producer and retired English teacher Mike Aleman who first opened up the book and wondered why it had no commas - I'd like to thank him for his time, talks of poetry and reading aloud, and his stories of his grandpa who rode with Pancho Villa.

This all started when former Lady of The BookShelf herself, Nancy Roth, heard me read at B&N's in April, and she has been a true champion and supporter of Cotton and myself and we couldn't be more grateful. Nancy, I have a newfound respect for you after reading just one book for the program, and a book I wrote myself, no less.

Reading this book out loud proved a worthy challenge even for myself, and I often told the guys it was like hopping a train - run like hell and hold on tight (try saying "she is amazing from her hips to her toes to her mug making swimsuit sewing breakfast cooking landscape painting guitar playing sexy singing self" 5 times fast). Hopefully this energy comes through in the broadcast, because that's what this wild new American Folktale is all about.

So tune in starting Monday, the 22nd, at 6.30pm PST to KPBX, available to stream on their website by clicking Listen Live. Show your support and listen and let KPBX know if you like it!

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