This is the end of all poetry



Butcher in a white apron

 on a loading dock out back

smoking a cigarette  


Just as the artist

must uncover the subconscious

by continually practicing form

until it isn't a form

but a thought a breath a feeling

so must the writer with words


My children

So kind in my transgressions

so forgiving me of me in my fault

Asking me above all else


can we have special time?"


Homeless man dodges us

on the crosswalk

hunter orange stocking cap

ducked against the cold


Its our date night


(Walking by the Spokesman Review Factory at Night)

Death inhabits this place

just like back in seattle

when i did the early AM paper route

and young Jared my fellow and friend

he killed himself out of the blue

I can still see his face so clearly

he is smiling


she is like

a white flower

that grows amidst the wheat

smoking it makes you weak


(Walking the trail at The Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge)

The light here is like

the dawn of a heaven to come

never changing  

The children run on up ahead  

it doesn’t get dark until after we leave


o god

be merciful to me

a pollock picasso

jumble of a man

i have no theology  

that cannot be thusly summed  


who can truly know god?

then practice self rebelllion

and kill the idol of the self

in this he is there


Moses smote the rock

and water flowed forth

just like my brow

bleeding into my hair

that one time on main street

 when I was sucker punched  

It all started with a bang


(Cosmic Love)

you come to me in pictures

that I cannot

must not describe

so then let us look upon our children


mom slipped on the ice and broke her wrist

our 11 year old daughter helped her write thank you notes

I borrowed the Toa of Ching from my dad

It makes no sense

and yet it makes all sense

i try to say it plainly

but the form is only breathing

so i let it go

dad -

this is the end of all poetry  


beggar on the corner

will you accept my gift?

I have only music

I'd roll down the window to give it to you

but I am afraid you'd expect change