Jesus’ Sermon on the Spokane River


wear your shoes near the River,

so that the glass and rusted metal

shall not harm you.


I say unto you,

The Word is not that which must be done,

but that which was, is and will be done.

As this river is and was and will be,

and is living and moving,

so is the Word, and so you in it and it in you.”

Some there asked of him

“But master,

you say that the Word of God is not a command,

what then must we do?”

Jesus said unto them

“Surely I say unto you,

swim in the River.”

Many people marveled at his words,

and swam in the river

to be washed of their sins.

And Jesus swam

with them in the heat of the day.

When the Religious Leaders

heard this, they were angry with Jesus,

for he said

“Swim in the River,”

when the sons of man asked them what they must do.

Then those with Him

followed Him down the River

past the Bowl and Pitcher

to the Spokane rez

where He healed a sick Indian boy

whose drunk father asked of Him

“What must I do to have my son healed?”

And both the son and the father were healed.