The Cowboy


I'll be reading from my story 'Lonesome Drifter' tonight at Northwest of Nashville at the Bartlett! If Office Depot can pull themselves together, I'll also have chapbook copies of the story of Beau John Earl, The Cowboy, a washed up Texas Troubadour trying to write his elusive hit. My lovely wife and host of the Grand Ole Opry er I mean Northwest of Nashville will be singing originals she wrote for the story, as will my brother Jacob Mannan, voice of the Cowboy...

"He was starting to wonder how much longer he could keep up the charade with the boy and the boy’s momma, the charade with the whole of Nashville. Showing up here and there, not showing up when he said he would, staggering into town to play his hits to some loyal fans who were getting fewer and further between.  Sometimes he wondered what had happened to his songwriting career. He’d had his records, his hits. Others had recorded his songs. But you couldn’t coast on your laurels these days. You had to write a damn hit a day, and he wasn’t no Hank Williams."

See you tonight,