Road Trip


Taking a road trip across the states

driving like Jehu across the plains

Racing against the jungle crushers & rome plows

building stripmalls

for an international economy

of beads and trinkets

See the crow fly over the land abreast us

door gunner in a Huey

above the delta of the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio,

racing the bison

who races the steam engine into the atomic age

The earth cries out


America cries out


“I am full of your bits and pieces,

bullets lodged within my flesh of many colors,

pierced with the people’s jewelry and trinkets

a roaring dead flowering mammoth

of a thing so great a billion galaxies support me

to support you

Wyoming stripmined for my black flesh

Don’t knock it flip a switch I light your way”

The woven threads of humanity

the patchwork quilt of the States stitched together,

worn and thin and coming apart in places,

been repaired in other places

by our cosmic momma,

black family right behind us

at the grave of unmarked slaves,

native boy in back of truck

in white town with native name

Like Jehu we drive across the states

leaving history in our wake

Lewis and Clark the Oregon trail

the Louisiana purchase manifest destiny trail of tears

confederation of tribes confederate and union

the badlands bighorn cup of coffee at Wall Drug

up and down mountain’s spines

the American earth jagged ossified tilted bent

broken exploded frozen in glorious wonder

We race the mastodon mammoth

the great floods the scablands

lake beds fossilized

(God flung down fire lake bed up and dried)

American gods loiter in the air nameless

and many named,

the first peoples migrants from the Tower of Babel,

don’t want no hand out

just want a &@$$@#* job

The children cry out

It Is!

The family cries out

We Are!

They see things wondrous magnificent

awe inspired and inspiring

Man blasted man made

nature hewn God gave

American walkabout American landscape

from cradle to grave

going forward looking back

stopping in motion to BE

We cry out

I am!

We cry out

We are!

Jehu driving across the states

vintage travel trailer in our wake

America crying out