Barnes & Noble Reading 3-16


Wednesday night's reading at Barnes & Noble was awesome/surreal, in that I read my profane unPC self proclaimed masterpiece in the kid's section on a stage mirrored after the hundred acre wood (yes, Piglet and Winnie the Pooh's hundred acre wood), like Cotton himself swaggering out of a damn forest after hopping a train with townsfolk viewing him askance. My awesome partner and beautiful wife was there playing music for the festivities, and I turned to her and said, 'First I have tested the boundaries of decency by reading bust it to my own children, then to others' children, and now, the children of the world. The possibilities are endless.'

It turns out this is the spot where B&N has their literary readings, and they even moved the kids train table near the front of the stage to make room for more chairs, which in truth, made me a bit sad, because Cotton would have loved that damn train table.


The event was hosted by local champion of the arts and believer in Bust It, KYRS's Stephen Pitters, and I gotta say, that guy is just a champ. He also had local poet Jodi Miller there, who read her visceral serene verse like a beautiful momma soul, as well as art by Art Johnson. It was really a great event, and Stephen and B&N's did a great job promoting and encouraging the local scene. I was honored to be there.

I had a good time yapping at people after the show as I am wont to do, and was amazed as always at the responses of people to the material - some people hear Cotton's tale and they instantly relate him to someone they know or knew (here's to you, grandpa), while for others 'there were too many bygods for me'. I love it all, I love people, I love stories and how they bring out different reactions, and I just love tellin tall tales and even taller tales about the tales I'm tellin.

So if you need me to show up at your Church Potluck or children's story hour and read about mean ass Okie drifter Cotton Kingfisher trying to make peace with the earth before it takes him back, just give me a holler. And I'll see you in a couple of months at the Bust It Like A Mule Hootenanny with Jenny Anne, my brother Jake, and friend Kevin Morgan. Unless there are too many bygods for you. In which case you better steer clear of Cotton's hunnert acre wood, bygod.