Gazelle Punch


Since summer is coming on, I have been working on getting into Cotton Kingfisher fighting shape with a heavy bag in the garage and plenty of cigarettes, whiskey, red meat, and rail riding. As well as sparring with my 5 year old son Waylon (he knocked my glasses off today, lil SOB). I've been working the heavy bag with the help of the pugilist, gentleman and beautiful human being Floyd Patterson's book 'Basic Boxing Skills'.

Reading his book and watching some of his old fights have made me really admire Floyd for being a bygod hard worker who didn't shoot his goddamned mouth off all the time but worked hard, fought hard, hit hard, and spoke quietly and respectfully. Floyd, I hope someday to meet you in Valhalla and have you teach me the gazelle punch. Speaking of gazelle punch, it reminds me a lil of a certain ornery mean cuss who didn't care if he won or lost as long as he was fightin:

"He steps to the side like a goddanged br’er rabbit jackrabbit and comes haymaking hard uppercut jump and busts Terry back like a man stepping on a landmine and Terry goes assbackwards stumbling back across the ring like as if he was drunk from that haymaker uppercut Cotton just thrown up under his jaw." (Bust It Like a Mule, pg. 64)

Don't forget to come see me at Spokane's Barnes & Noble at the Northtown Mall tomorrow at 6.30 to listen to me read some Bust It.