Poetry Reading


I had a great time reading last week at Spokane's weekly poetry open mic, Neato Burrito's 'Broken Mic', hosted by the truly electric Fitz. I went absolutely buck nuts reading 'Oregon Born', and nobody kicked me out, so that was a good sign...It was especially special as my creative brother/best friend Kevin Morgan read as well. If you have never heard Kev read such line of his poetry such as 'Be I a skulldug skald?", you are missing out!

For any locals, I'd encourage you to go on down to Neato Burrito any Wednesday at 6.30 to listen to the folk and professional poets of the region (and beyond), and maybe try some of your own verse.

It's a great crowd, good drinks, good burritos, and you have no idea what/who you'll hear.

I mean, I have been working on an audacious outrageous 'American Slang' verse, so I'll probably see you down there soon...