Jenny Anne Mannan


My lovely wife and creative partner Jenny Anne Mannan has some great music planned for our local Spokane area. She'll be hosting a monthly musical roundtable at The Barlett the likes you see in every nook and cranny of Nashville, but not so much in the Northwest.

Jenny Anne is a phenomenal musician as well as being a great sistermomma to those around her who create and play. She's got a great spirit of collaboration, no matter what your style or ability (or lack thereof). She duly proved this when she produced our Bust It Like A Mule Hootenannys last year. Hey, maybe we'll get her to let me read a lil Cotton at her new gig...

We'll look for you at the show next month and each month after that. I'll be the guy with the rowdy kids, and yes, you can buy me a beer and help with the kids.

Here's to being Northwest of Nashville!