Whitefish Verses


Whitefish Verses

Caleb Mannan (4-10-12)


In the mountains of Montana

there is a town

whose Main St. ends at the railroad tracks


On the other end of Main

is the 1st Presbyterian Church

built in 1921, still standing strong

a square brick structure with stained glass



In the yard of the Church is a rising lone pine

and in this pine a rather large raven

is rooting and cawing

shaking the whole damn tree


"Cotton wandered the main street and was damned to find that it ended at the railroad tracks and on the other end of these tracks the town ended at a presbeterius church that was a square brick building with mighty fine stained glass windows and pine trees in the yard and a bench for to sit on. So there was a train on one end and a church on the other and all manner of shops in between just like the great Main Street of Life." (Bust It Like A Mule pg 46)

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