A Date That Will Live In Infamy


Pearl Harbor Day isn't hard to remember around here, being that it's my wife's birthday. Also, I remember my grandpa Jones telling tales about sandbagging San Francisco, where he was stationed at the time, because they thought the Japanese were going to keep on coming and blow America all to hell. The sense of fear he relayed in his tales to us grandkids still live with me to this day. Most people that experienced that day (and lived to tell about it) are now gone on to the other side. But if I sit quiet for a minute, or speak to my mom or my brothers about it, I can hear my grandpa's smoky Oklahoma accent telling of the great darkness that fell over the country that day, the great darkness that jumpstarted a fierce spirit, a fierce spirit that won a War.

So we don't forget this day around here for several reasons - some for fear, death, and darkness, others for life and living, hope and joy.

I hope it's the same for you.