Kinsey Photographs


When I was 10 or 11, I discovered this book in the local library (Libraries of Stevens County). It was so big that it wasn't for taking home, but with my mom on my side, the librarian let me check it out with the promise that I'd take care of it. I was fascinated by the old pictures of rough Pacific Northwest loggers, great God trees and black and white landscapes. Jenny Anne and I were on a date the other night and I rediscovered it at Auntie's Bookstore! And of course I bought it. It's been great research for my outrageous new 'Bygod Story' about Cotton Kingfisher meeting the old Oregon logger 'Mac Mackinaw', '...the last of a dead n dyin breed who somehow survived rolled logs snapped chokers widow makers the Great Depression prohibition and Christianity or all these things somehow survived him I should say bygod.'